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It is with great delight we report that the second World Bufo Alvarius Congresswas held in Mexico City this July 26th-28th, 2019, hosting almost three hundred speakers and guests from Mexico and around the world and a large virtual audience through our livestream (thanks to all the financial supporters of the livestream and patrons that contributed to WBAC 2019). The good news is those talks were all recorded and we encourage the community to subscribe to out new YouTube channel where all the talks will be consecutively published there and on our socials:


WBAC is a community platform and a Congress of the people by the people envisaged as having one physical gathering annually and an ongoing virtual presence. As a grassroots community organization we respect the diversity of our global tribe and the sensitivities in nurturing the cohesive whole. We had great input from all our speakers and guests and as well as the main lectures which were livestreamed to the world, this year saw the strategic success of a number of ‘breakout groups’ to carry the conversation on topics forward into community action on the WBAC facebook pages. Debts of thanks to WBAC Director Mario Garnier, Rak Razam and Sandra Ganz for all their hard work bringing the vision to a reality.


WBAC’s theme this year was “The Bufo Nation” and using that collective term to group together the many disparate parts of our collective global whole. We had speakers from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Australia, the USA, UK, Czech,  to more robustly represent the evolving worldwide Bufo community. Thanks to track 1 speakers (in chronological order): Arturo Maibe (MC), Mario Garnier, Ralph Metzner, Pit Prieto, Moyeni Valdés, Draupadi Gershewitch, Charlie, Samuel Armiston, Mario R Lopez, Victoria Anahi Ochoa, representatives of the Seri, Yaki, Tohono and more; Ray Barnett, Fernando Barba Amezcua, Hari Har,  Rak Razam, Dean Jefferys, Fernando Suarez, Yannina Thomassiny, Dr. Martin Fursari, Julian Palmer, Annaliese, Keely Speel, Dominique Wolf, ATBA, Raul Rivera, Beto Basilo, Chad Charles, Clare Wilkins, Rita Kočárová, Scott Olsen, Joel Brierre, Tom Mendola, David Gallegos, Alberto Guzman, Dr. Fernando Quitian, Ian Benouis, Matt Kahl, Barry Richardson, Santiago Jose Lopez Luro and Hamilton Morris.


Thanks to Maria Andrea for organizing the Breakout groups and to Robin Riveria for her logistical support in the lead up to the event. If you were a participant in a breakout group or are interested in joining the working groups on set topics, the links are listed below and we encourage the community to continue discussing responses and solutions moving forward:




If you participated in a breakout group at WBAC 2019 or wish to contribute to the action of the issue here online, please join and become an active member working towards solutions. Breakout groups are an opportunity to go deeper on set subjects in a workshop model where the conversations are led by an experienced facilitator(s) of the subject under an sociocracy template modeled on Ubuntu, a community way of engagement. 


 People are encouraged to take notes, everyone will have a chance to speak and to work towards sharing a wisdom pool of knowledge focusing on solutions. The groups are invited to continue the momentum in online private facebook groups WBAC has created for each subject and to impart their learning and sharings with the wider toad community. 



Sociocracia / Sociocracy




WBAC is part of an evolving community organism and we respectfully acknowledge our peers in other like-minded organizations who spoke, or who’s presence and support was felt at WBAC 2019:



The Conclave:

Fair Trade Toad:

The Union of Collectors of Bufo alvarius


Part of the community need and response to issues within the Bufo Nation was for the ethical and sustainable handling of the Bufo alvarius toads when their medicine is collected. WBAC has been in liaison with many of the existing private collectors of the medicine who have agreed to form a Union of Collectors. As we saw at the Congress there are many stakeholders and a central place is needed for the indigenous tribes of Sonora whose voice and thoughts must be heard and incorporated into any agreement on the collection of Bufo medicine. An agreement exists between established collectors who already harvest Bufo secretion and that agreement is a starting point for revision to incorporate the Sonoran tribes into a true collective whole.


Part of the work of supporting the collectors and tribes can be conducted by, which has been created to help liaise with all stakeholders that work with the collection of the Bufo alvarius medicine. Fair Trade Toad supports a sustainable engagement between the Bufo alvarius toad and the world, conserving the toad and its habitat whilst promoting a fair and equitable place for the toad “medicine” in the marketplace. Check out the agreed Bufo alvarius Best Handling practices info in Spanish and English here:


We encourage the WBAC community to join the FTT mailing list and to build support for ethical and sustainable fair trade toad medicine to be sourced by all Collectors. “We ask you to share your thoughts, hopes and demand for a sacred and ethical approach to Bufo medicine and to encourage demand for #FairTradeToad with the hashtag #KnowYour5ource  (“S’ is replaced with a ‘5’ to create an original hashtag unique to this movement). Share you video story, photo, text message etc on the social webs and FTT will track the conversation and display some of that content here. Ask your practitioner if they use ethically sourced #FairTradeToad medicine, and if not, why not?” 


The issues embedded in collecting, practicing and all aspects of medicine work are ongoing dialogues in which we hope to work together as a community to find agreement. We encourage the same openness and discussion, respect for diversity, civility and transparency that our 2019 Congress upheld. WBAC 2019 was indeed a historic moment–the continuation of something, not the end, and we ask you join us in this ongoing work. Join our Facebook group WBAC Communitas for more:


All is One.


With love and respect,