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WBAC 2020


24-26 July 2020      Mexico City

About WBAC 2020

What is WBAC?

The 2020 World Bufo Alvarius Congress (WBAC) will be hosted again in Mexico City.  


WBAC’s theme this year is “Expansion”. Even though the Bufo Alvarius toad is native to the Sonoran desert of Mexico and across to the southern USA, there is widespread use of the secretion from its glands across the world, and a global Bufo culture is blossoming. All of us have the joy and responsibility to nurture and shape this culture as we make sense of our experiences, sharing and exchanging information to develop best practices, safety, integration, conservation, science, understanding and so much more. 


WBAC 2019 will host scientists, practitioners, (neo) shamans, academics, writers, filmmakers, psychonauts, natives, doctors, and people from all over the world that have experienced the healing of the Bufo Alvarius / 5-MeO-DMT medicine, or are interested in learning more. 


Join us again for three days of lectures, workshops, movies and communion at this global multidisciplinary gathering focused on this unique substance, its carrier, and related topics at our new venue in Mexico City.





Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe


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